Hair Court 3183 Chili Ave


  • Sue Harrison

    Sue Harrison

    As the owner and stylist of a small salon in Chili, NY, I have always had a passion for cutting hair. I take pride in providing personalized haircuts and colors to each and every one of my clients, one person at a time. One of my favorite aspects of being a hairstylist is when a client brings in a picture for inspiration. This allows me to use my skill and expertise to recreate the look while also adding my own personal touch.

  • Lizzie Costanza

    Lizzie Costanza

    Lizzie, a passionate hairstylist, has been in love with the hair industry for the past 15 years. With her extensive experience, she has mastered the art of serving and creating unique hair looks for her clients. Her passion for the industry is evident in every aspect of her work, from her attention to detail to her constant desire to learn and improve her skills. Lizzie's dedication to her craft has allowed her to build strong relationships with her clients, understanding their individual needs